Danièle Lemieux
Oil Paintings

Breakfast Bar

My work is a celebration of humanity as represented by the universally familiar.  

I seek to instill the commonplace with the same reverence given by 17th century masters to objects denoting wealth and social position. As an antidote to modern day excessiveness, my deliberate choice and treatment of objects is an invitation to revisit the quiet dignity and poetry of the basic form. Objects become icons; valued for usefulness, not decoration; acquired through need, not through want. Stripped of artifice, they are symbolic of the desire to return to that which is true.  

My compositions are often loosely based on the classic triangle and are centered in the picture plane. This combination allows for a calm balance that can border on the spiritual. My artist's eye edits out the superfluous, seeking harmony and peace, offering the viewer a place where order replaces chaos.