Danièle Lemieux
Oil Paintings

How To Buy My Art

If you're interested in a particular painting or any of the small format paintings, the easy way is to write to me and I'll outline the process for you.

In general, paintings can be purchased  through any of the galleries listed on the website. They all carry a good inventory and will be pleased to show you what they have in stock. Click here to go to that section.

You like a certain painting, but it is not available at the gallery in your city.
If another of my galleries carries it in inventory, then your gallery will have to contact the one with the painting to organize a transfer. This is a common occurrence in the art business and any of my galleries will be happy to arrange this for you.

If, however, it appears on my website, but not indicated as available at a specific gallery, then it is in my inventory. Just send me an email and I will be pleased to ship the painting to your local gallery.

You like a certain painting, but I have no gallery representing me in the city or town where you live.
 Write me to discuss purchasing any particular painting, whether directly or through a gallery of your choosing, and I’ll be pleased to help you any way I can.

Five Tips on Buying Art
For some tips on buying art in general, have a look at this brief article from MoneySense Magazine: http://www.moneysense.ca/spend/shopping/five-tips-on-buying-art/